Sunday, June 18, 2017


Christ - Bread - behind glass
in the golden monstrance
on an altar in a small
below the church chapel.

Christ - in the streets - under
cardboard - in the cold damp
night - raining - people passing
by on the cold cement sidewalk.

Christ - on the couch -
mom and dad, husband and wife
both 27 - holding each other
and their baby in Holy Communion.

Christ - the teenager - somewhere 
else in his mind - than being in the carpenter shop - longing to be in a synagogue - to deal with different ways to measure life.

Christ - on the road - at the sea shore -
on a donkey walking down a street
strewn with palms and then in less than a week,
he’s all blood with a cross on the way to Calvary.

© Andy Costello, Reflections  2017

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