Saturday, November 28, 2015

November 28, 2015


You never know what people are looking at -
looking at what they tag as important. She saw
only price tags and brand names, Gucci, Pucci,
Armani, Versace, Vuitton, Nine West, Fendi, and
Forever 21. Me? I just care if my clothes are
comfortable and don’t show spaghetti stains.

© Andy Costello, Reflections, 2015
November 27, 2015


It was used just for funerals: taps - at the death
of a soldier, sailor, marine, or someone in the
Coast Guard or Air Force. That is: till a nephew
visited the house and spotted the trumpet in its
case. And wow could this nephew play that trumpet.
And wow could that trumpet smile - because it 
finally discovered knew why it was made in 
the first place - not just for death, but for life .


© Andy Costello, Reflections, 2015
November 26, 2015


The little girl’s first words were, “Tank you.”

A first child’s first words are a moment
in the life of a couple - like the first time she
stood and took a step by herself leaning on
the edge of the couch. They had a contest
going on whether the first word would be
“mama” or “papa” and they privately kept
pushing their name when alone with their
daughter - but no, it was, “Tank you!”

It dawned on them afterwards - only
afterwards what that meant, Their first
born had to have heard “Thank you”
from either them or from Grandma or
Grandpa. Wonderful. Then one of them
said in their daughter’s presence,  
“Thank You, God. Thank You, God.”

Then it hit them - hit them big time - that
this was their first real prayer - perhaps
in their lifetime - and their daughter was
there to hear them say, “Thank You, God.”

“Unless you become like little children….”

© Andy Costello, Reflections 2015
November 25, 2015


Then again, sometimes after taking 100 
pictures digitally, there is one picture that 
I really like. Then again - I see another
person's pictures and I say, "Wow! I wish
I could come up with pictures like that.”
Then again, I know I'm not supposed 
to compare, but who doesn't? Then
again: with camera in hand, imagine 
if I had kids or grandkids and a $5,000
Canon 1D Mark IV camera - I'm sure 
I'd have super pictures - but then again .... 

© Andy Costello, Reflections 2015
November 24, 2015


Bells - so basic, so simple, so solid….
Wood, rope, metal banging metal ….
Sound resounding, echo, echoing….
Reminding us to worship - to gather -
in sacred spaces, places, below a
bell tower…. with each other to hear
the thoughts of the heart and the
sounds of the minds around us….

© Andy Costello, Reflections 2015
November 23, 2015


Spiders? Where do they get  all
that web - especially when lowering
themselves from a high ceiling?

Birds? The 17th bird in a swarm of
167 field birds, how does it know
when the lead bird is about to spin?

Leaves? Do they feel the pain of
aging, losing their color, the disconnecting
from the tree that gave it life as it falls
to the ground? Do they relax and take it
all in because they know there is the Spring?

Gorilla? Male gorillas. Do wimpy ones envy
the big guy with the big voice, the drama,
the growls and all that chest pounding?

Bananas, apples, peaches and pears?
Do they know it when someone cuts them
right down the middle - that they are about
to disappear - as if each piece of fruit was
celebrating Mass and saying: take and eat,
this is my body I’m giving me to you?

Sun?  Does the sun regret sunsets?
Or does it know it’s going to get another
shot at this whole cycle again tomorrow?


© Andy Costello, Reflections, 2015

November 22, 2015


In church one can hear the sounds of high heels -
as well as canes and creaking scraping aluminum
walkers - as well as babies cries and lots of “Hi’s!”

In church one can catch the whole human family - the
young, the old, and all the in betweens - celebrating
together this great gift of life with the eyes of faith.

In church one can see candles, stained glass windows,
benches and benches of people - folks in pulpits making sounds from Bibles and prayers from holy altars.

In church one can realize this is one big crying room -
babies out loud - and silent screams from widows and
widowers at funerals and tears of joy at weddings.

© Andy Costello, Reflections, 2015