Friday, June 16, 2017

June 16, 2017


I have memories. If and when
I don't know that  - I have dementia.

I have things I have figured out and
things I haven’t figured out - yet ….

I have time sometimes and sometimes
I don’t have time. So it's about time ....

I have faith - and I pray for those for
whom this is a have not. Bummer ….

I have secrets…. In fact, I haven’t
met a person yet who doesn’t.  

I have made mistakes and I have not
been able to take any of them back.

I have stuff and I don’t have stuff - 
now that’s stuff to think about.

There are haves and have nots. 
Who decides who’s who and what's what?


© Andy Costello, Reflections  2017

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